Jan 05 2012

Fuck That Hole

Another one bites the dust! There is no shortage of young guys wanting to get their dicks sucked by hot chicks.. and that’s exactly what Izzy thinks is going down today! He’s pumped to get his cock blown at a nasty back room glory hole, and it’s going to happen, just not the way he thinks!

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Aug 24 2011

Straight gay blowjob gloryhole

Hey guys just chiming to give you a great welcome to my little corner of the world wich I affectionately will be calling the Unglory Hole. Why is that my you ask? Well watch and see. I assure you you will not be dissapointed. This first update I have for you promises to be one hell of a ride and it will only get better from here on out. So stay tuned and happy fapping! Click here to watch this straight gay blowjob gloryhole episode.

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Apr 19 2011

Toilet fuck gloryhole gay

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Come and watch how Kent blow a load in some dudes mouth. Yummy! Visit UngloryHole now!

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Feb 17 2011

Gay gloryhole boys action

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One more poor unsuspecting guy at gaygloryhole blog …i mean..its really a victimless crime when you think about it. Its not even a crime at all. he wanted his dick sucked..he got his dick sucked…the end.

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We are the #1 gloryhole site!

Ready to see some straight hotties tricked? Cause you haven’t seen anything yet…join here.

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Jan 26 2011

Amateur gay gloryhole

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Another day, another dumbass at my disposal. I met up at the glory hole spot with this Italian guy who is really hyped to get his dick sucked by a hot chick… he’s all about it and once he gets into the booth our boy on the other end stars chomping down on his meat hot and heavy. He busted a nut in his mouth, the whole time imagining it was a hot girl.

The #1 gay gloryhole site on the Internet!

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Jan 24 2011

1st time gay gloryhole fuck

We here at the ungloryhole pride ourselves in bringing our esteemed viewers only the finest entertainment. And that’s exactly what we got for you guys this week. So I got this guy all lined and ready to go; he was all excited and shit, like he was doing the coolest thing in the world Little did he know we were gonna have a little fun at his expense. So he comes, and i give the usual spiel, yada yada yada, and he gets right to it, sticking his dick in the hole. Well, the rest you will have to see for yourself, but take from your boy Joey: this was a good one!

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Jan 22 2011

Gay glorehole videos

Hey, wassup? Your best pal Joey here with another installment of the ungloryhole! I really had fun with this one. The guy was cool and all, but he just looked like such a “Mamalon” — that’s what my Cuban buddies call a sucker which this guy was! It didn’t take long for him to stick his dick through the magic hole after our beautiful accomplice lured him in. He had a gay old time getting massively sucked off by a dude! Check this episode out at ungloryholeand remember your pal Joey never disappoints!

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Jan 20 2011

Barely Legal gay gloryhole

I got this really young guy to come with me to the ungloryhole today. He was a bit nervous but he’s young, and he just wanted to enjoy a blowjob from a hot chick… LOL! He got a great BJ from another dude, but had no fucking clue! He said he was gonna come back soon… got him hook line and sinker! He busted a big load and walked out of there a happy camper!

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Jan 17 2011

Gloryhole gay men

wassup guys!!!! Welcome back to the ungloryhole.com!!!!! Today i bring you a friend of mine….. who always wants to be in one of our adult films so what better than the ungloryhole for him huh? He too got to see our little bait beauty and his pants came flying off!!! I hope he never sees this update LMAO,…………. ENJOY!!

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Jan 13 2011

Best gay gloryhole blowjob

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Holy shit guys have we got an ungloryhole update for you this week! Your homie Joey managed to scrounge up this eager beaver in need of a blow job but dude what a blow job! This guys cumshot was epic!

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